Four Peaks Glass Wipes, Invisible Glass and Window Cleaner, Crystal Clear,  30 wipes pouch by GOSO Direct

Four Peaks Glass Wipes, Invisible Glass and Window Cleaner, Crystal Clear, 30 wipes pouch by GOSO Direct

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Highlights: CONVENIENT DISPOSABLE WIPES: Get superior convenience with Four Peaks glass wipes. This can easily clean the glass without streaking or smearing. You can clean the glass anytime! REMOVES DIRT AND DUST: This crystal clear glass cleaner wipes have been specifically formulated to effectively clean and remove film on glass, dust, and dirt from your automotive glass.  AMMONIA-FREE: Four Peak glass wipes are designed specifically for automotive use and contain an ammonia-free formula, that won’t leave a streak that gives you an effortless clean glass that is easy and convenient. NEWLY CLEAN FRESHNESS: This glass cleaning wipe leaves a fresh clean glass so your car has an aroma to match its newly clean and refreshed surfaces.  EXCELLENT VISIBILITY: Four Peak car glass cleaner wipes give your glass surfaces a streak-free shine and excellent visibility while driving your car. Description: Use

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