“Where there are services, there is a need websites” is probably not a wrong sentence when talking about the role of websites in the service industry today. Services also have many different types. In the past, when the manufacturing and sales industry developed, people often talked about websites as an effective sales channel. And nowaday, as services that brings many benefits to users need to be known by many customers, websites do not make any business disappoint, either.

AVG’s Website

In the past, newspapers, television and other medias played an important role and were used as the official communication channel for many different industries. But nowaday, the most powerful weapon of digital television service are websites.

As information technology and the internet were born, without having to attach yourself to a TV screen with a fixed time frame, you can watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, you just need to have inter net connection. Television websites appear to be the perfect solution for broadcasters to reach their audience faster or it is also an opportunity for investors who want to set up online TV channels and television information portals do businesses, make money more effectively on websites

The benefits a website brought to businesses are not only a versatile web platform that can introduce businessses, but also an effective sales channel. It is the ability to access a much more wider market than ever before that never have the concept of borders. It is a much higher percentage of accessing the right customers accurately. It is the maximum cost reduction solution possible with the same level of efficiency.

By listening, analyzing and understanding customers’ requirements, with professional work processes standardized in each stage, ensuring the best interests of customers with strict legal contracts. Owning a website with interfaces, color customized according to customers’ requirements, most user friendly is the website design principle that we cannot ignore. All these interfaces are designed with responsive technology so it can display optimally on any device, no matter what device your customers are using (computer, tablet or mobile phone, etc.), the website will always display nicely. Besides, administrative guides, optimizing SEO contents for free, promoting on effective TV channels with no time or space limit, provide the best supports and interacts with the audiences to keep them updated, review missed programs or following upcoming shows,… are all contribute to the profit optimization process for infrastructure investment of the business, step by step bring the business ahead of all competitors in the same field, attract the most potential customers.

Deploying programming and designing websites / software on demand is often more difficult to implement because many skilled programmers are recruited with very high salaries. And most importantly, needed project managers with many years of experience to run the project smoothly. An expert can not be proficient in all areas of website programing and designing. So to create a good product, it requires the cooperation of many experts, each one is an expert in their specific field. Here, all must be creative to make customers special and exclusive products. Therefore, we believe that AVG is the product of cooperation by a really strong team.