We are living in the days when the economy is undergoing positive changes, strongly integrating with the world economy, bringing businesses significant advantages and accompany with it are challenges that aren’t easy to overcome. Under that pressure, between businesses seems there is a race to find out who has the most effective solution to increase brand value, creating competitive advantage in the fierce market battle.

Among many solutions, company profile design is considered a strategic solution, actively supporting the process of building brand for businesses. HVCG Software is honored to become a unit that not only cooperates with US Ceramic Joint Stock Company in the field of website design, but also supports US Ceramic in consulting on designing profile publications and catalogs to bring products, services and operational capabilities of their company to customers.

As a part of the brand identity, the company profile (also known as the company competency profile) is a familiar media publication for businesses at a time when the media identifier is gradually taking the leading position in the brand marketing field. The profile is designed as a booklet with a capacity of 15-30 pages in A4 or A5 paper size.

The information in the profile is very variable and rich, focusing mainly on the issues like: image history, activities of the organization , achievements, development goals, business messages… With this task, profile is like a detailed autobiography of the business, giving customers what is most authentic and outstanding that the business is proud of.

Unlike catalogs or brochures mainly focused on introducing products, events information, the main task of the company profile is to convey details of information and images of the business to customers.

In the past, the company profile was designed quite simple. However, in today’s competitive economy, plus the pressure from increasing public demand, profiles are designed more modernly, images and content are heavily invested, suitable with the tastes of the majority of customers, in order to promote the vision, mission, and core values of the enterprise, and should be considered as an internal communication document to develop enterprise culture.

Profile designs are usually include detailed descriptions about the business, business information, field of operations, financial capacity, development index, etc. Profile designs usually have different capacity but the number of pages must divide by 4 to serve the purpose of printing. A professional profile design company will give businesses the right advices when starting to design a profile such as: what information should be provided for a profile, which images are needed to have attractive profile design in the eyes of the readers, showing the image of a professional brand.

With a well-designed profile book, it’s easy to create a presence and attract customers’ attention, but when it comes to professional competence profiles in pdf files show on the business website, it maybe like the most effective marketing tool. Our competence profile design service is suitable for small and medium businesses. Each of our design options includes voice overs, visual perspectives, especially they won’t be duplicates. The products are made by competent profile designers, talented and experienced copywriters, give our customers peace of mind with a full service from content editing, photography, design and profile printing, highlighting the sales advantages that help build a professional company image in the eyes of partners.

We believe that working closely with every customers will unlock key insights to create the ideal solution tailored to each unique profile design initiative that suits the needs of every customers, every company goals, and communication platforms.