As you may have known, technology changes and development also changes people’s habits, especially in finding and receiving information. Not only do users look up social and retail-related information, but more and more potential partners are using the internet to find out about your ability, to find a suitable partner. It can be seen that all products and services can be introduced and “sold” on the Internet, including agricultural products. Moreover, customers are increasingly need to know more information about the origin of agricultural products to ensure if their quality and safety meet with health or not, especially with products made from raw materials that cannot be self-sufficient in Vietnam. Therefore, in addition to testing the quality of imported agricultural products, brand communication, packaging improvements to confirm the quality reputation, managers need a more effective communication channel and website design is the most optimal solution been chosen.

Vimaflour website designed by HVCG Software

Website is a referral tool, a tool to help close the gap, no matter who your customers are, wherever they are, they can find related keywords and access to your website. Customers will be served as if by an dedicated employee who never complain. They will receive information about companies and partners by shared links which they can save and view more detail anytime. Moreover, the Website is the place to present all information in the most detailed and complete way, with all creative presentation forms such as text, images, videos,… to make it more intuitive, therefore, it will also gain more trust from customers.

Website design trends are always in parallel with art and usability, but in their core, each has a different style so the website can not use the same interface with many other websites. At HVCG Software, we design each project with it own exclusive interface to suit the unique characteristics of customers, helping them get a website with a unique style. For Vimaflour Flour Production Co., Ltd, although it is not a place where direct sales activities occur, the Vimaflour website has the mission as a presentation to introduce products and brand reputation to the potential partners. Therefore, professionalism, perfection, and meticulousness are always focused by HVCG Software in every design stage of this project.

Vimaflour page loading speed is fast no matter what browser you use, even on mobile devices. The mobile version of the website is designed to be flexible and compatible with all screen sizes from smartphones to tablets or giant devices when you need to present in presentations with partners. This feature is also benefited from applying the latest Front End technology.

Like all other introduction websites, Vimaflour needs to be designed with SEO standards right from the coding stage. HTML5 / CSS3 technology is the best SEO technology available today, and although not required by Google, in its guidelines, Google has pointed out a lot of factors related to this new type of technology, such as mobile-friendly or more precisely, websites need to design their own mobile version, design user experience and provide them with the most needed features.

HVCG Software is a company that considers quality more important than quantity, every employee is an expert in each specific field, we carry out projects in the direction of specialization, each person in each department only does certain things to ensure best performance. Design is not only about designers who have the ability and ideas, the most important thing is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business, to know how to emphasize the most important elements of the customers that they want to convey through. Their website so that products will be delivered smoothly and perfectly when delivered to customers.