Job description

– Participate in iOS application development projects for e-commerce systems, Online payment…
– Researching, developing and operating applications on iOS operating system.
– Researching technology, building new and expanding existing code of projects.
– Integrating applications on Apple Store.
– Managing and maintaining quality assurance applications.
– Read documents, analyze project requirements and implement on the development environment for iOS.
– Link to deploy large projects abroad on iOS applications.
– Train and support other programmers.
– Create new products, maintain and improve existing solutions. i.


– Wage agreement.
– Stay at work, leave, enjoy Tet holidays, participate in social insurance – health insurance.
According to company rules.
– Enjoy all rights under labor law.
– Working in a dynamic, young and professional environment.
– Regime of promotion and promotion, worthy of individual, team.
– Have the opportunity to work with foreign partners.

Job requirements

– Experience of iOS programming at least 1 year.
– Object C, Swift skill.
– Proficient use of storyboard, autolayout.
– Proficient use of frameworks: UIKit, StoreKit, CFNetwork, CoreData, MessageUI…
– Proficiency in using SQLLite, XML, JSon and protocols connected to the Server.
– Having experience in Social Networking on iOS like Facebook, Twitter … and advertising types like iAD, Admob…
– Knowing Japanese is an advantage.
– Determining long-term commitment to the company.
– Commitment to long-term work at the company.
– Ability to work independently and in groups.
– Active, creative, good thinking.

CV requirements

Please send your profile to email: contact@webapp.com.vn.

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