Consulting and technology support services of HVCG Software are always dedicated to solving all questions and difficulties of customers and partners. We provide solutions and directions to help customers and businesses have a favorable and safe direction in the growing 4.0 technology ecosystem today.
As a unit implementing all aspects from analysis, consulting, product design, development and operation of the entire system, HVCG Software has comprehensively transformed digital and brought great efficiency to businesses such as: Design analysis (mockup completeness, detailed project functional documentation) provides comprehensive direction and focus on the problem, defining project scope and shaping the architecture projects, creating a premise for developing standards for customers, avoiding errors in the system and businesses that should not be encountered. Helps to save costs, reduce time in internal as well as diplomatic processes in the culture, apparatus and functions of each business.

Applications of Blockchain in the field of agriculture

HVCG applies Blockchain to agricultural processing, helping consumers easily trace the origin and life cycle of agricultural products. Information related to quality management, price management, financial management, sales management are also continuously updated, public and transparent in the Blockchain chain. Thereby helping customers improve their confidence in HVCG’s products.

Applications of Blockchain in the education industry:

The process of applying Blockchain in education of HVCG Software is being deployed more strongly than ever, for example, the information stored on Blockchain is not only transcript data but also training process and practical experience, recruitment history of each individual. Avoid the case of candidates cheating in the process of applying for scholarships, promotions, etc… falsely declaring their education, work experience, and discipline. Not only that, with the smart contract feature, Blockchain also allows automatic enforcement of the terms of the training regulations, handling violations of the regulations, improving the limitations in the teaching process if necessary students give feedback.

Blockchain applications in e-commerce

The traditional retail market is gradually transforming into online commerce. Especially with the development of e-commerce platforms, issues of security, supply chain management, the process of transporting goods to consumers create many barriers between consumers and manufacturers export. HVCG Software will apply Blockchain to solve these difficulties by smart contracts, creating conditions for contracting parties to easily, link with multinational enterprises with cost savings thanks to the elimination of intermediaries, payment solutions are also mounted directly on websites and e-commerce platforms.

Applications of Blockchain in the field of communication

By deploying Blockchain solutions on the cloud, HVCG Software we provide communication services that optimize existing processes. Along with that, this technology helps to enhance network security, overhauling operational processes, processes such as roaming and identity management in the business model. From there, improve and develop better services.