The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is taking place rapidly and strongly in all aspects of economic and social life. During that revolution, the term “digital transformation” is mentioned as a mandatory trend to succeed for many businesses. HVCG Software is proud to be a pioneer in the field of digital transformation consulting and support with many large projects in Vietnam and abroad.

What is Digital transformation

Although it has appeared for a long time in the world, in Vietnam, the concept of digital transformation has only appeared in the past few years with many different definitions and understandings. The world’s leading information technology has the following definition of digital transformation: “Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to change business models, creating opportunities, revenue and value. “Digital transformation is about rethinking the way organizations gather people, data and processes to create new values.” In Vietnam, digital transformation is understood by Microsoft. This means the process of changing from a traditional model to a digital enterprise by applying new technologies such as big data (Big Data), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing (Cloud) … Executive protocol, workflow, company culture.

How beneficial is
digital transformation?

Number conversion has many benefits:

  • Simplify and reduce management and operating costs
  • Update information, report quickly and accurately
  • Create many new products and services
  • Increase customer experience
  • Improve business performance and competitiveness
  • Increase transparency and efficiency in corporate governance system


Convert numbers with HVCG Software

Entering the digital conversion market early, HVCG SOFTWARE has affirmed its brand and received a lot of trust from customers when it was assigned to consult digital transformation projects, digital transformation for many businesses, multinational companies of Japan, America …

HVCG Software owns a team of experienced consultants who have consulted many large digital transformation projects at home and abroad. Most experts have from 10-20 practical experience implementing many digitalization projects, digital transformation or were senior leaders of leading technology corporations in Vietnam.

For any business, digital transformation will be a major step in growth, but it is also a long journey with countless challenges. To be successful on that transformation journey, units and organizations need to prepare thoughtful luggage. And HVCG SOFTWARE – Vietnam’s leading digital conversion solution provider will always accompany you.

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