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As you may have known, technology changes and development also changes people’s habits, especially in finding and receiving information. Not only do users look up social and retail-related information, but more and more potential partners are using the internet to find out about your ability, to find a suitable partner. It can be seen that […]


Health, health care information websites are now an important and major source of knowledge for many families, especially knowledge about women’s health care, which is always a special interest of many girls. However, the number of websites about this topic is increasing, highly competitive because it is directly related to human health, so choosing an […]


We are living in the days when the economy is undergoing positive changes, strongly integrating with the world economy, bringing businesses significant advantages and accompany with it are challenges that aren’t easy to overcome. Under that pressure, between businesses seems there is a race to find out who has the most effective solution to increase […]


The construction and repair of houses in modern society has increased significantly. And there is demand there is supply. Items related to construction materials are also gradually becoming an essential commodity in the era of industrialization and modernization as today. To seize this opportunity, business shops, agents selling construction materials are sprouting more and more […]


“Where there are services, there is a need websites” is probably not a wrong sentence when talking about the role of websites in the service industry today. Services also have many different types. In the past, when the manufacturing and sales industry developed, people often talked about websites as an effective sales channel. And nowaday, […]

Digital transformation for Nhon Hoa scale manufacturing Co., Ltd

At the meeting was approved on … HVCG software officially became an important cooperation unit of Nhon Hoa Scales Manufacturing Co., Ltd in the field of digital transformation consultancy. This cooperation is important for both sides, in step by step bringing Nhon Hoa to the big sea to reach the global level, at the same […]