HVCG Software brings comprehensive integration of digital technologies into all areas of businesses and exchanges and applies those technologies to change the way they operate, business models and deliver value for customers as well as speeding up the completion of business activities of the enterprise. HVCG Software always brings customers new breaths in technology in the 4.0 era.
During the digital transformation of this fourth industry, HVCG Software has always been a pioneer and leader in the development and application of modern methods to increase productivity, reduce investment costs and reduce investment costs. automation for all businesses and partners who want to develop and deepen their understanding of the 4.0 digital world.

Modern ERP and database technology

Công nghệ cơ sở dữ liệu và ERP hiện đại
(Modern ERP and database technologies):

HVCG Software provides the best “cloud ERP” solutions using “in-memory database” technology, which are highly scalable and adaptable. ERP includes all the core processes needed to run a company (such as finance, HR, manufacturing, and supply chain) and integrates them into a single system. And when a modern ERP system is powered by AI technology, it has the power to not only manage and process Big-Data, but also be able to analyze and learn from it.

Advanced analytics:

Phân tích chuyên sâu (Advanced analytics):

Harness and understand the value of data using AI and algorithms for advanced analytics that deliver accurate, in-depth insights and reports for businesses. This gives business leaders the power to act and react promptly, quickly and decisively – either by seizing opportunities or responding to risks.

Cloud connectivity:

Kết nối đám mây (Cloud connectivity):

Cloud-based infrastructure is an essential component for successful digital transformation and establishing the most stable IoT networks and connected business systems. It offers benefits such as on-demand centralized access to all systems, assets, and data allowing organizations to scale infrastructure as needed and rapidly change or adapt work process automation. This helps support a rapidly changing business or operating model.

Internet of Things (Material Engineering):

Internet of Things (Kỹ thuật hóa vật chất):

HVCG Software wishes to connect everything through a uniform network to be able to control them for the purposes of people as well as businesses. Devices and machines in an IoT network can send and receive digital data. Machine logs and maintenance reports are continuously analyzed to optimize performance and efficiency. AI-powered business systems continuously analyze this information to find patterns, trends, and correlations within company systems. These insights help drive self-maintenance and automated workflows, increasing efficiency and productivity over time as machine learning applications “learn” from IoT data.