Safe and smart online exam system in Vietnam

In exams, there are two most common types of exams that we often see: multiple choice and essay. Most especially, the multiple-choice form is becoming more and more popular due to the variety of general knowledge as well as the easier time and method of marking the exam than the essay form. There have been many organizations and units around the world that have applied technology to this form of multiple-choice test, even if it’s just a small test or international exams.

HVCG Software has officially launched an intelligent multiple-choice test system built on an online platform that is compatible with all devices such as computers, phones, tablets, laptops, etc. With leading technologies. With leadership and long-term experience, we give candidates a very practical experience because the test system of HVCG Software fully meets all the users need.

What is Vedu?

Vedu is a system that provides an online test website for individuals and organizations wishing to learn and study online exam questions for learners. With Vedu, users can review knowledge as well as experience mock exams at many levels suitable for each person, taking the online multiple-choice test completely free of charge, without having to worry about technical issues.

Features available on Vedu

  • Create exam questions by group and topic, unlimited
  • Import exam questions from Microsoft Word
  • Decentralize management of exam library
  • Delegating members to participate in assignments
  • Create a Self-Practice, or Scoring test
  • Configuring the scale, time to do the test
  • Review the student’s exam history
  • Grade the results of students participating
  • Randomly display questions and answers based on the original topic
  • Countdown of the time to do the test, automatically collect the cards when the time is up

Exam level setting feature

Help test takers can set the desired test level in accordance with each person’s level and can accurately assess the student’s academic performance and knowledge to offer reasonable solutions for the test taker, raise your level. The system will quickly update the number of levels to diversify the types of lessons to help supplement knowledge in a variety of ways. In addition, Vedu will set up an appropriate time and scoring scale for each level to closely assess the test takers’ ability.

Exam creation feature

At each level, test takers can create multiple exam questions and the select function makes it easy to search and select exam questions for each level. New and revised exam settings include:

  • Enter the test name.
  • Select exam level.
  • Set exam time.
  • Select the desired state of the exam to manage: initialization, testing, and termination.
  • Create general test information quickly.
  • Manage each test status (initialization, testing), test creation time, test level name, time to complete the test.
  • Easy to add exam categories.

The feature of creating a joint exam

The general part of each exam consists of many different parts. You can manage each part of each test in the exam filter section. Test takers can manage the general test portion of the articles in the management section. The system will indicate the allotted time to complete each test in a reasonable manner.

Easily capture extensive information about the test sections.

New and revised joint test setup includes: Enter the name of the general exam you want to find. Set a reasonable exam time. Select exam questions in the general exam. Select the test you want to take.

The feature to create a small exam

Each test in Vedu has a different number of sections, so test takers can manage each section using this feature. This feature will help manage the subtests in the general test sections to help test takers categorize and search. Overall test management is better when performing a split into smaller test sections, allowing users to systematically organize the test sections. Users can also set up the common test and make edits such as: enter a name for the subtest, select the general section, select the notification sound type and download system files. The question sections are fully supported with features such as images and sounds.

Question creation feature

This is a very interesting feature on Vedu. This feature helps you to manage the questions in the question bank, you do not need to spend too much time searching, but there is a support system to filter questions through just one search command. You can search for exam levels, exams, and sections easily. Also you can customize question type, audio or mini exam.

Exam management feature

The system will manage information of candidates in a systematic and highly confidential manner and ensure the safety of your exams. You can conveniently search and review each candidate’s test results, total score, test date and contact information. In addition, you can easily print certificates directly without having to download each certificate file in a complicated way.

Online exam management

The system automatically scores your oral and written test. With the speaking test, you just need to record and upload the file to the system and the teacher will check and mark the candidate’s test. For your written test, you just need to take the test directly on the system, then there is a list of submitted exams, the teacher will check the tests you submitted, grade them and send them back to the system in a short time.

Exam history management

This feature allows candidates and administrators to both view your exam history, showing the level of your test as well as the specific time taken and the total score obtained for each of your tests. This feature is convenient when it is necessary to give an overview of each person’s ability through the tests he or she does. Here all can view the completed results of each test. As for the system, they can see the graded or graded status of the test.

Benefits of candidates when participating

  • Users can create an account on the system easily by email, facebook or phone number, all of the above information is absolutely confidential by Vedu.
  • Users can choose topics depending on the level of the test they want to take, the topic will choose random questions in the question bank and still reach the level that the user has set to increase. diversity for test takers.
  • With the same test, users can do it again and again, because the questions will be randomly rotated for users with only a single sample.
  • With the writing test, there will be a limit to the number of words in the article, in addition, the test has an anti-copy and paste function. Test takers will not be able to copy or paste anything into the test to create a healthy learning environment.
  • Candidates can review the tests they have taken and check the scores that have been assessed in the section of the exam taken.