Digital transformation for Nhon Hoa Scales Production Co., Ltd

At the meeting approved on…HVCG software officially became an important cooperation unit of Nhon Hoa Scales Production Company Limited in the field of digital transformation consulting. This cooperation has important significance for both sides, in gradually bringing Nhon Hoa to the big sea to reach the global level; at the same time affirming the capacity, marking the transformation of HVCG software into the highest work in the software value chain towards the goal of “TOP 50 global digital transformation service providers in Vietnam”

Enterprises that want to break through must take steps to develop speed and digital transformation is an inevitable path to help the company have a breakthrough in terms of both position, capacity and growth scale, digital transformation. is a fundamental solution that should be seen as an opportunity on the last train. With the position of a multi-service software company, it has won the special attention of domestic and foreign partners, along with the attention and seizing opportunities of the leadership of Scales Production Co., Ltd. Nhon Hoa quickly decided to choose HVCG software as a strategic partner in the field of intelligent digital transformation.

With experience, technology background, high-quality human resources, high-quality human resources with the spirit of learning, are always at the forefront of updating and applying the latest programming technologies in the world to products. HVCG software promises to join forces with Nhon Hoa Scales Production Co., Ltd. to solve important problems, create favorable conditions, coordinate and provide necessary information for businesses and organizations , individuals can conduct the development of awareness raising programs, plans and digital transformation projects for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, creating opportunities for businesses to access new technologies. Modern technology and the guidance of leading experts in the industry, support businesses to commercialize products… Comprehensive digital transformation will certainly bring great efficiency to businesses, Nhon Hoa Scales Production Co., Ltd in the future. risk control, safer system business operations, convenience, anytime, anywhere, building and develop technology infrastructure in the direction of synchronous, unified focus capable of integrating and connecting with other industries to provide commercial products and services on digital platforms and improve service quality increase the convenience of experience for customers, because the ultimate goal is to use digital technology to promote efficiency improvement and develop new value creation to increase customer satisfaction as well as find new markets. new school.

The commercial and service businesses are carrying out digital transformation by shaking hands with technology companies, which is a symbiotic relationship that is difficult to separate. The commerce and service industry has customer networks and data, technology companies have digital solutions and utilities that give businesses the opportunity to develop services openly. Not only experts, businesses themselves also realize that joining hands with technology companies will help them go faster in the digital transformation race. In addition, the cooperation with technology companies will help education systems have a companion in matters of protecting their information systems as well as many of their data. With very specific contents in the cooperation agreement, Nhon Hoa Scales Production Co., Ltd and HVCG software Company prove the pioneering step of the pioneers, the strong commitment of the two parties to help transform digital transformation for the Vietnamese business community, contributing to the process of building Vietnam’s digital economy and digital society.

Although established and put into operation from the early days of 2019, HVCG software quickly seized the opportunity to reveal its potential and position in every step on the way to achieving its goals. Castle. In the coming time, HVCG software will continue to invest in comprehensive development of new technology platforms, products, solutions and services to help businesses, organizations and individuals in Vietnam can apply immediately. into the digital transformation process; At the same time, they will go hand in hand with businesses, organizations and individuals to take steady steps in the digital transformation journey to achieve the best results.

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