Launched at a time when the real estate market suffered many unfavorable impacts from the COVID-19 epidemic, GAAPNOW gradually made a breakthrough to become the leading technology platform in the real estate sector in 2021 – Global technology platform The first to use AI, Big Data and Blockchain solutions for Real Estate transactions, GAAPNOW has outstanding features that bring extremely effective solutions for both sellers, buyers and investors.

GAAPNOW has continuously “transformed” in terms of technology and achieved impressive growth numbers. As of September 2021, the GAAPNOW system access data recorded a strong growth in website rankings with alexa rank from 4.8 million to 800 thousand, ranked in the top 1 million best websites globally and top 5000 powerful websites. best in Vietnam. Investing in both human resources and technology for the “digitization” of the real estate sector, which has quickly achieved surprising numbers, GAAPNOW is on the way to becoming a Blockchain & AI application platform for allows users to search and share information about real estate quickly, simply and economically.

Real estate agents and brokers can minimize effort and time in advertising and finding customers. At the same time, the time and costs associated with claiming real estate are significantly reduced for both buyers and sellers. The above standards are gradually being realized by GAAPNOW when applying Blockchain technology on this real estate platform, in order to replace the complicated approval process for residential mortgage loans that are above the current level of need.

HVCG Software Company – a leading software supplier in Vietnam is combining and developing Blockchain products for GAAPNOW with relentless efforts. Because Blockchain is a great solution for the financial industry, banking, BDS… to ensure transparency, stability and data integrity. Currently, blockchain is applied in many fields around the world and is developing very strongly in all industries. In the GAAPNOW project, Blockchain focuses on solving 2 problems:

– Create and manage GAAP coin.

– Create and manage NFT BDS.

GAAP Coin is the only common currency used in GAAPNOW system to buy, sell, invest BDS, securities. GAAP coin has global value to create fast payment for each real estate code of Vietnam or countries around the world. GAAPNOW currently owns the GAAPCOIN wallet system to manage all coin transactions on the system, including the following features:

– Buy coins, sell coins, transfer coins.

– Receive coin rewards.

– Use GAAP coin to buy BDS.

Along with building a support system for the fastest sellers and buyers, GAAP coin also creates NFTs that use the latest BSC standards to split large BDS into millions or tens of millions of shares for many people to share. buy, help pay BDS as quickly as possible. The NFT BDS system is the world’s leading advanced solution. NFT stands for “Non – fungible token”. This is a unique cryptocurrency. NFT helps to mint BDS systems using Blockchain. After that anyone can buy, sell, invest shares for as little as $100. Features include:

– Register for NFT encryption.

– Management of encrypted BDS.

– Statistics of BDS transactions.

– Use Gaap coin to buy BDS NFT.

The GAAPNOW system uses the most powerful and advanced technologies in the world today. The entire Blockchain is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) platform. This is the 3rd largest blockchain system in the world after bitcoin and Ethereum. The advantages of GAAPNOW’s Blockchain system are:

– Using advanced BSC Blockchain platform.

– Low transaction costs, fast processing time.

– Infrastructure using modern solutions of Amazon AWS.

– Safe, transparent, optimal, modern, effective.

The emergence of Blockchain technology, AI and Big Data solutions in recent years has changed the game. The real estate market has welcomed technology platforms that solve most of the problems faced by traditional real estate.

Blockchain can be considered as an operating ledger of the platform, where smart contracts are executed on the real estate platform to ensure everything is transparent and certain without depending on any intermediaries. any. GAAPNOW uses encryption, electronic money so that users’ transactions can be easily done anywhere in the world. The highlight of Blockchain technology is that it cannot be faked because of its extremely high network security. Blockchain will make the connection between those who need to sell – those who need to buy, those who need to rent – the lessor to become simple and save maximum costs at this platform. The current time of the COVID epidemic is a huge obstacle to the development of real estate, but blockchain has almost neatly solved the difficulties and obstacles, and more clearly shows us an infinite potential. Only when it’s big enough, a wave can only be overcome with real talent, thereby helping GAAPNOW to rise and continue to move closer to the top 1 in the real estate market not only in Vietnam but also around the world. gender.

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