Vietschool education system

After signing a cooperation agreement with Kim Lien Primary School, Vietschool education system officially became the next cooperation unit of HVCG Software on website design services. This step has an important meaning in affirming the capacity and influence of HVCG Software in the field of school website design, education and training.

In the current information technology era, the speed of communication is extremely important, especially for education – training – school activities, there are always a lot of activities, news and information. newspaper; accompanied by policies to encourage educational units to apply information technology in teaching and training management and operation. That has prompted many schools to build their own websites to introduce the school, outstanding activities and modern facilities to attract students who are intending to attend or promote their image in schools. enrollment round. To best meet the communication needs in education, even management, online learning… an optimized website is indispensable. This is extremely important when students today have a lot of choices through information on the Internet, and if it is not possible to attract in time, other competitors will do it.

With the desire to help companies and business units in this field have more effective operations, HVCG Software has paid special attention to investing in research on the characteristics of the education industry in general, educational web. Education, schools of the Vietschool education system in particular to produce website products of high quality in terms of interface, functions, techniques…, contributing to bringing knowledge to learners quickly and most system.

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