HVCG Software is a leading provider of technology solutions in Vietnam, a reliable partner in IT projects in the fields of: Government, Education, Tax, Treasury, Customs, Insurance, Electricity Over the years of construction and development, HVCG has affirmed its name in the market through many successful large and small projects. With the spirit of mutual affection, helping people is our happiness, when asked about HVCG’s successfully completed projects – CEO Bui Quang Hieu always smiled and excitedly told everyone about VVOB.

VVOB is an organization of Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance in the region of Flaman, Kingdom of Belgium, focusing on the field of education. The motto “Education for Development” expresses VVOB’s desire to contribute to a more equitable world, providing more opportunities for all. With the motto of capacity building for educational institutions in developing countries. Since 1992 when coming to Vietnam, VVOB has provided many supports to the community such as donating clothes, books, learning equipment, teaching to many schools in areas with difficult facilities. matter.

Realizing that children will always be the future to help the country develop, become rich and strong, since 2017 VVOB has been dedicated to actively working in the field of preschool, VVOB Vietnam has implemented the Preschool Education program organized by the organization. Sponsored by the Kingdom of Belgium, in close coordination with the Department of Education and Training of the central provinces of Vietnam including Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Kon Tum.

The program aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning for children aged 3 to 5 in preschools. In particular, the program focuses on improving knowledge and skills for the Department of Education and Training, strengthening the capacity of preschool teachers and preschool leaders in reducing barriers to learning and participation. children’s home so that they learn better and are more comfortable in learning.

When knowing and learning about this organization, Mr. Hieu – CEO of HVCG felt very impressed and determined to also do something meaningful to help VVOB. After many days of talking with VVOB, Mr. Hieu realized that he needed some software that could manage activities and documents for VVOB. Embarking on work as soon as an idea is born, discussed, discussed with careful consideration and discussion, the POM system was born after much enthusiasm.

With the POM system, users will be immersed in a very professional learning atmosphere, directly interacting on the system, moreover, the manager will easily grasp the information of each student, or understand better. on school management. POM is designed very harmoniously, ensuring both in terms of form and content, teachers or parents can easily observe and evaluate closest to their child’s ability, through the use of features. “fast observation”, saving time as well as maximum processing speed. In particular, after each course or week of study, POM will support the admin to make statistics and report “normal observations” in the form of a column chart, thereby significantly reducing the effort and time spent on the project. listing. Not only that, other features also help you have a very interesting experience when participating in the course such as the feature of “transferring classes for children from the same school”, “managing users”, combined with the management function. extremely smart, easy, fast, suitable for large organizations like VVOB.

This is also a quite unique product and worth experiencing, saving everything for you, moreover increasing the ability to manage people to help VVOB that HVCG has devoted to VVOB. Certainly, CEO Quang Hieu has partly satisfied and exceeded VVOB’s expectations, which will help HVCG become more prestigious, powerful and effective on the future path full of opportunities.