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Time School is a school that was founded with the goal of an education that explores – in other words, helps students make the most of their strengths to become successful in the fields they are good at. This is also a school that aims to provide STEAM education for all levels of education with the aim of helping students have the necessary skills to live and work in the 4.0 technology age and beyond.

Time School knows that it is not widely known. With the desire to promote its image to many people, the school’s leadership decided to consult HVCG Software to build an official website for the school. Building a website for a brand is inherently problematic, building a website for a new brand is even more difficult. In addition to meeting the criteria of SEO, information security or multi-device support, it is also necessary to attract attention with the unique features of the brand. After working with the school leadership to come up with ideas for implementation, the engineering and design team decided to build the page with the main color part similar to the color of the students’ uniforms. The main interface of the page is designed with moderate motion effects to avoid monotony and also to attract more visitors. The preview of the articles are all pictures with clear titles for parents and students to read easily. Sections about school services are prioritized to the top of the page for the most convenient convenience for parents. In the large sections of the service, there are smaller categories for parents to choose from with greater accuracy. The photo section is prioritized as the main theme with an open arrangement to help visitors not be overwhelmed.

With the help of the website, Time School’s image has reached more people. Along with the investment in content as well as technical criteria, the school’s website has received positive feedback from students’ parents. They feel satisfied with the experience when using and satisfied with the information on the page because of the transparency as well as the investment in the words in the article. Dr. Giap Van Duong – the school’s principal said he was very satisfied with this website project. It fully meets the criteria of an official school website but is not dry in terms of content, the page design does not cause boredom for visitors. At the same time, the website is also a bridge for the school to come closer to the public as well as listen to the thoughts of parents and students with the ultimate aim of building a friendly and nice school for everyone.

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